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  • Hotline:(0512)65155088 Join us:(+86)139 1313 1684 or 'gina.fu@kbschools.cn'
    Service organization

      In 2015, this program used the innovative method to tender publicly in the society and adopted service outsourcing. Suzhou international foundation school became the service organization for this program through tender publicly. Suzhou international foundation school established the headmaster-in-charge system to make sure foreign teacher lecture program implemented successfully. 

    Teaching management
    ★ In the beginning of every term, the program group made the teaching and event plan carefully. Especially, managing the teaching work of the foreign teacher.
    ★ Suzhou board of education organized to write and published the specialized teaching material ‘My Topic’ which is free to provide to all the program students.



    Suzhou Foreign Teachers English Course Delivery Program


    To promote educational reform and encourage the two-language teaching practice, ‘Foreign teacher lecture’ project has been created in our city that was paid by government from 2006. It employed foreign teachers to teach English in different schools and editorial published the exclusive using reader《My Topics》which free provided for all students who took part in the students. This people-benefit project presents the first-rate service that provided by government. In the past 11 years, the scope and influence of this project continuously broadened and it has been covered in all feeder school of Suzhou. A range of events were held to improve the quality of projects: the studies of ‘comparing the Chinese and foreign lecture’ encouraged both Chinese and foreign teachers took teaching seminar. On the other side, expanding activities such as the ‘Future Star’ English Presentation competition for middle school student and the debate competition for high school students improve the personal activities of students. Furthermore, regular supporting weak schools could improve the benefits and influences of the projects. Now, the projects foreign teachers have become unforgettable resources among teachers for Suzhou. The mission of the people–benefit project is becoming more and more evident.

    Projects Mission:

    Improve the ability of English communication and improve students’ International Literacy.

    Encouraging promoting the Chinese culture and communicating and combining with different cultures.

    Popularize high quality resource and speed up achieving the fair of education.

    We are now inviting applications for Language Assistants for the academic year 2018-2019. Please see below details :

    Language Assistant


    1. Native English speaker

    2. Bachelor degree or above

    3. Tefl or Tesol certificate

    3.Have some teaching experiences, good communication and learning skills with outgoing & patient personality, has strong sense of responsibility. Fresh graduates are also acceptable.


    Contract period: 10 months renewable


    Location:1-3 (one to three) school(s) (including primary schools, middle schools, high schools and universities) in Suzhou, Kunshan or Taicang


    Remuneration packages : We offer a package which includes living allowance per month plus free accommodation ( one bedroom,but should pay own telephone bills, electricity, water, gas and internet bills). Two single air fares ( to & from China), traveling allowance, health insurance and paid leave( winter holiday ). Free TEFL training provided. Recommendation letters provided by Suzhou Municipal Education Bureau are offered to remarkable teaching performance.


    Contact:Gina Fu

    Phone(+86)139 1313 1684


    Foreign teacher training

      When foreign teachers come to china, the program will organize foreign teachers take part in the TEFL training. After the training in Beijing, all the foreign teachers will obtain the TEFL certificates.

      Before the starting of school, the program will invite experts from Suzhou bureau of foreign experts’ affairs, Suzhou public security bureau immigration control administrative office, and Suzhou teacher’s development center and some Suzhou famous high school moral education department do a lecture. It will also organize foreign teachers to visit the beautiful Suzhou style of school to help foreign teachers, adapt the class and Suzhou better and quicker.



    Life arrangement

      There are the experts who in official affairs are responsible for the related formalities of foreign teachers. They collected related information, went through suitable certification and arranged the accommodations by the logistics department for foreign teachers when they arrived in China. Logistics rent the ensuit for foreign teachers which have the household appliances which provided a comfortable living condition and safety living environment for them.


    Building the managing network

      The project team also build a managing network platform for the project so that the controlling and supervising of working could be done from beginning to the end through teaching feedback, school evaluation and suggestion.

    Foreign teacher course project work group

      The QQ groups for contact with project managers and Wechat groups for contact between foreign teachers were created by project team so that they can contact in time and they can ensure all the information can be informed efficiently and help and support with each other.

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