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2UP Gaming PLC (GXG: 2GM) is a UK based publicly listed company, which is a provider of leisure and entertainment products, wagering and lotteries segments of the gambling industry.

2UP Gaming PLC has researched growth opportunities in the Internet communication industry and the international gaming and wagering markets extensively and has concluded that there is a unique opportunity for a well planned, strategic business to exploit the growth potential of the gaming and wagering market worldwide.

To achieve this 2UP Gaming PLC business growth strategy is to focus on rapid growth through a number of identified acquisitions and joint ventures.  This will capture value through the integration and cross leveraging of in-place resources and additional line products, ensure cohesion and create growth through a quicker access to a growth market. 

2UP’s first acquisition Streamark PLC has proven to attract a great deal of interest through its comprehensive suite of products. Extensive networks have been formed to provide a global reach to the Streamark PLC leading edge applications and to also expand our operations in the gaming service area through its applications.


GXG UK Exchange

2Up Gaming PLC listed on the GXG OTC Market 21 Dec 2012. GXG Announcement

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2up Vanuatu Gaming License 

Interactive Gaming License

On the 12th May 2010, the Government of Vanuatu granted fully owned 2UP subsidiary Kingfisher Limited (Vanuatu) a conditional Interactive Gaming License that is valid for a period of 15 years.
2up Animated Game 

2UP Game - Coming Soon

Will initially offer 'animated' and 'live streaming' versions of the 'coin toss' game. We will offer free and paid versions of the game.

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Media Releases

2UP AGM Voting Results

Peter Lombardo, as Director of 2Up Gaming PLC would like to thank the Members on behalf of the Board for approving almost unanimously all of the resolutions that were proposed at the AGM held on the 2ndJuly 2015.  

(A summary of the voting, which approved each of the resolutions by a minimum of 99% of the votes cast, is attached). 

Please note:    The board has put all currently approved directors share options (including those detailed under resolutions 9-12 of the recent AGM) on hold pending a review by the remuneration committee  and further advice from the company's professional advisers.

Voting Results AGM 2015

2UP AGM Notice

We can confirm that Notices for the AGM to be held at 10.00am on the 2nd July at 29/30 Fitzroy Square, London W1T 6LQ England, were  posted to shareholders as required under the company's Articles of Association.

  • If not received in next 7 days please email Computershare requesting a copy by (i) calling the Registrar’s helpline on +44 (0)870 702 0003; or (ii) by writing to the Registrar, Computershare Investor Services PLC, The Pavilions, Bridgewater Road, Bristol BS13 8AE if held in Certificate stock;
  • or your Broker if held in Electronic stock .


Streamark to provide its Live-streaming Technology to Ditto TV

Streamark is pleased to announce that they have signed a contract with India’s first OTT TV platform Ditto TV (”Ditto TV”) toLicence its leading edge Live Streaming Technology.  This collaboration will further drive the Streamark Global expansion. 

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2Up Gaming plc : Streamark's Agents, Swift Vision Limited, sign contract with major telecommunication service provider

2Up Gaming PLC is pleased to announce that Streamark’s Agents, Swift Vision Limited, have signed a contract with a major Middle East Telecommunication service provider to use the Streamark Technology.

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2UP Gaming PLC new share issue

2Up Gaming PLC is providing a new fully paid share issue of 4,273,944 shares with a face value of GBP 0.10.

These are issued at an average price of GBP 0.109 per share for a total purchase price of GBP 467,811.  This will bring the total shares on issue in the Company from 275,887,830 to 280,161,774 shares

This includes the conversion of four convertible notes with 2Up Gaming PLC to the value of GBP 272,562 at GBP 0.10 per share.