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2UP Gaming PLC has researched the international gaming and wagering markets extensively and has concluded that there is a unique opportunity for a well planned, strategic business to exploit the growth potential of the gaming and wagering market worldwide.

The 2UP business proposition seeks to secure a strong and lucrative position in an industry which produces more than €15billion in worldwide revenue and is expected to grow by 42% to €25 billion by 2012.

In this context 2UP Gaming PLC is focussing in on two main strategies aimed both at successful market entry and on rapid growth:

  • Establishment of 2UP developed and owned ‘animated’ and ‘live streaming’ versions of the 2UP ‘coin toss’ game and of sports betting games together with
  • A number of acquisitions and joint ventures which provide immediate access to established global markets, additional on-line products and in-place resources


GXG UK Exchange

2Up Gaming PLC listed on the GXG OTC Market 21 Dec 2012. GXG Announcement

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2up Vanuatu Gaming License 

Interactive Gaming License

On the 12th May 2010, the Government of Vanuatu granted fully owned 2UP subsidiary Kingfisher Limited (Vanuatu) a conditional Interactive Gaming License that is valid for a period of 15 years.
2up Animated Game 

2UP Game - Coming Soon

Will initially offer 'animated' and 'live streaming' versions of the 'coin toss' game. We will offer free and paid versions of the game.

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Media Releases

Streamark Global Expansion

As part of its global expansion Streamark PLC has appointed Cenron Pty Ltd as its Exclusive Agent in parts of the Middle East and African region. 

Cenron Pty Ltd has extensive relationships with global telecommunication companies and content providers with over 500-million subscribers. Subsequent to this appointment Streamark PLC is in advanced contract negotiations for the licensing of its live streaming technology with major Telco companies.  Streamark servers are in the process of being installed into the network of a Telco which has over 7 million existing video subscribers. 

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INVESTOR UPDATE: 2UP Gaming PLC is pleased to announce it has acquired 100% of Streamark PLC

INVESTOR UPDATE: 2UP Gaming PLC is pleased to announce it has acquired 100% of Streamark PLC (UK No. 0746 2550) a video streaming provider, with proprietary leading edge technology. click here to read more

Successful testing leads to implementation with major Asian Telco

Streamark PLC have moved to the next stage on a revenue share basis with a major Asian Telco after three years of extensive testing and endorsement of their technology. MEDIA RELEASE- Streamark PLC - Successful testing leads to implementation with major Asian Telco_30April14.pdf

2UP Gaming PLC - Results of Annual General Meeting

2Up Gaming (GXG:2GM) (the “Company”) wishes to inform the market that the Company held its annual general meeting of shareholders at 10.00am GMT, on the 9th of August 2013 at The Clubhouse, 11-14 Grafton Street, London W1S 4EW. 2UP Gaming PLC market update - AGM Results 2013-08-13.pdf

Streamark signs NDA with two major content providers in India

Streamark has signed NDA’s with two major content providers and in partnership has already initiated discussions with the leading telecommunications companies in India. MEDIA RELEASE- Streamark signs NDA_19July13.pdf