What are the Easiest Strains to Grow?

If you are new to growing cannabis, you may be looking for the strains which are considered simple for beginners to grow. If you are just starting out, we’d recommend that you stick to strains which have excellent genetics, but still produce a high yield, which make them more resistant to drought and disease.

Here are the strains we would advise

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is currently considered as one of the most well used strains in the market at the moment, and is perfect for beginners to grow. When you use this strain, there is an excellent balance of relaxation and mellowness, coupled with a slight high. This makes it ideal for use during the day to combat generalized pain and low mood.

It is relatively simple to find clones & seeds of this hybrid – mainly due to its popularity. It’s considered effective against mildew, as well as root rot, which will be a problem for some novice growers.

Gorilla Glue

This is a nice hybrid strain which has an aroma almost as powerful as the feeling of euphoria that it will provide.This is an excellent strain for a beginner to grow if they are looking to use a strain that will offer sedating effects, which is also flavorsome. The strain was popular at the industry’s Cannabis Cup, taking home many awards.

Because of the bushy nature of its growth, Gorilla Glue is the perfect strain for growers who have limited space and wish to make use of the SCROG technique of growing – the screen of green technique. It will provide good value for money, as you will not need to worry about this strains nutrients compared to other strains.

Dutch Treat

As you can imagine, this strain comes straight from the home of marijuana – Amsterdam. This unique hybrid is quite sweet when you taste it, and is generally considered an Indica, but it does have cerebral effects.

Dutch Treat is an excellent strain for growing in doors. In terms of yields, you will not be left disappointed. The strain is high in quality and you will notice the candy smell when you use it.


This strain offers quite a high THC concentration of 22%. Originally created from the Cinderella 99 strain, as well as the Vortex strain, it offers the user a good level of euphoria which has been said to propel people to be more productive.This is another bushy strain which will offer excellent yields.

For further advice, make sure you visit your nearest dispensary, and they will be able to help you out. https://cannabis.net/find/dispensary


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