Testobolin for body building – A Comprehensive knowhow

Testosterone enanthate is from Alpha pharma labs. This is been in use in many of the medical scenarios. Even though Testosterone enanthate is not usually listed along with many other synthetic testosterones, but there are lot of benefits that one can get from Testosterone enanthate especially for athletes and bodybuilders. When it comes to performance enhancements and muscle mass gains Testosterone enanthate can yield accelerated results.


A brand named used for anabolic androgenic steroid which is released by Alpha pharma is Testosterone enanthate Alpha pharma. If we consider pharmaceutical development, Alpha pharma is a well known leader in this field. Testosterone enanthate is the generic name given to Testobolin. C26H40Ois the molecular structure.

Testosterone is considered as the primary male hormone. This is because it is responsible for both maintenance and development of secondary male sex characteristics. There are dozens of brands and androgenic anabolic steroids when it comes to synthetic testosterone. One thing is all of them are prescription only drugs. The proprietary name that is Testosterone enanthate is owned by Alpha pharma and is available in 250 mg per ml injection solution which is oil based.

The ester which is attached to the testosterone base is called enanthate. Esters are capable of determining half life, absorption rate and modifying the drug’s base forms as well. The duration for which the drug remains active in the body is determined by half life f the drug. Being an androgenic hormone, Testosterone enanthate involves in the promotion mechanism of maturation and development of sperms.

Testosterone enanthate is typically used in the medical scenarios for the treatment of following conditions.

  • Testobolin hormone replacement therapy is used for the treatment of Hypogonadism, usually the condition which is associated with anemia. This can also be utilized in testicular dysfunction related androgen deficiencies. This hormone therapy is also recommended in case of castration sue to accidents.
  • This hormone therapy is also helpful in the treatment of infertility which is associated with defective sperm production processes.
  • Testosterone enanthate hormone therapy can be effective in few types of anemic conditions.
  • This is effective in treating imbalance of nitrogen in cases like catabolic scenarios. This helps in cases which are associated with musculoskeletal disorders. Along with this it is also effective for conditions related to multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s, and HIV/AIDS.

If accompanied by proper exercise program and diet, Testosterone enanthate can be very effective in muscle building. This is because of its anabolic nature.


This is used as intramuscular injection in medical scenarios. Every two weeks one must follow a dose of 50 – 400 mg. Depending on the condition this must be followed at least for 4 weeks. To yield impressive results and to quicken the benefits, athletes and bodybuilders follow higher doses.

The best recommended dose for bodybuilding is 250 mg a week. To get anabolic effects one must follow 500 mg and maximum possible dose is 1000 mg. One must remember that as they increase the dose they increase the risks of side effects. Half life of Testosterone enanthate is long and so it is capable of maintaining the effects many weeks.


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