Powerful Parenting: How To Guide Children Away From Drugs

Everyone agrees that drugs are the scourge of a community. Drugs and other prohibited substances often induce inappropriate behaviors in people, with minors taking the hit mainly.  Children are often the victims of violent acts stemming from drug addiction. At such a tender age, kids mimic people around them. A potentially dangerous act for an adult can become a harmless stunt for them.

Parents should be the first in guiding their children to a life that is void of drug related crimes and horrible substances. Regardless of race, beliefs or religion, adults and children alike should arrive at one conclusion: Don’t do drugs. Here are some tips for parents to guide their kids to a better life.

Establish Good Communication

Parents who establish good communication with their children, often result to more responsible kids. Simply by talking and listening to them, parents can show that they value their children’s views. Do not judge them if they feel peer pressure. It is perfectly reasonable for a child to go through this. Parents should be more guiding and caring should a child experience pressures from his/her friends.


Parents who often involve themselves in the lives of their children get rewarded because, in most statistics, children who have prominent parent figures steer away from using drugs. Spending quality time with the kids can also earn a huge amount of trust from them.

Enforcing Rules Consistently

Set standards and expect children to face the consequences when they do not follow those rules. Parents should also know that imposing too harsh rules often result in rebellious acts. Mothers and fathers should be more considerate and realistic in giving out rules for kids to follows. Make kids accountable if they break a rule. This act will teach them responsibility.

Talk To Them About Drugs

Open up a conversation with them about drugs. Be careful not to preach as they may interpret it as being controlling. Speak to them about the adverse effects of drugs. Also, tell them about the consequences of doing drugs.


No doubt, drugs are menace. Every news and media outlet will, at some point, air a story about drug abuse on an almost daily basis. Alarming as it may sound, parents should be the first to take the lead in giving their kids a drug-free environment. Open conversations, quality time, and respect make children more obedient and attentive rather than closed arguments, rushed meetings, and judgment. Carefully carrying out strategies by parents reward them with kids that will surely follow laws and stay away from the harm of drugs and other illegal substances.

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