What You Should Know About Brow Lift Surgery

Reasons For Brow Lift Surgery

When some of us grow older we may often develop what’s referred to as worry lines around the eyebrow area.  Frequently this stress lines may provide ones peers the incorrect impression.  People can misconstrue your facial features as displaying frustration or anger, even despair.  This can a be a big deal for somebody who must interact with individuals for their livelihood.  Although in general it’s older people who create stress lines from time to time younger individuals can develop them too.  Stress lines are for the most part caused by repeated facial expressions although in some cases they’re caused genetically.  Consult a regional Phoenix cosmetic surgeon should you think you suffer from stress lines.  The doctor will consult you about the best method to undergo, normally a brow lift.

So What’s a Brow Lift Anyhow?

To be able to clear up stress lines and creases around the eyelids and brow a patient will have to undergo a brow lift process.  Brow lift surgery results in a less abrasive, more youthful look.  The shift in your face will be very natural and folks could have a hard time pinpointing exactly what’s different about you.  However, the result is very powerful since it gives you a far more youthful appearance.  Along with the eyebrow lift an endoscopic eyebrow lift can also be carried out along with other rejuvenation surgeries like a face lift or eyelid surgery.

Kinds of Procedures

There are many distinct sorts of eyebrow lift procedures.  One of the methods is what’s called a direct brow lift.  The direct brow lift can be used whenever someone wishes to especially to eliminate droopy eyes.  This process doesn’t clear up stress lines on the brow.  Most often this operation is performed on elderly patients who suffer with thick eyebrows or baldness.  The incision is concealed in the brow and as a result it isn’t visible in any way.

The mid-forehead lift is another type of operation.  Elderly men and women who have very deep brow wrinkles or sagging eyes generally undergo a mid-forehead lift.  The mid-forehead lift requires the physician to make an incision inside the wrinkles.  The additional muscle and skin that causes the wrinkles is then removed from the forehead.  The operation leaves no left over scars after the patient has fully cured.

Coronal forehead lifts are another means to rejuvenate the forehead and eyebrow area.  The coronal forehead surgery is done by making an incision from ear to ear and then increasing the entire forehead and eyebrow.  However, one of the most modern, popular and least invasive eyebrow lift processes is the endoscopic eyebrow lift.  The endoscopic brow lift is the fastest, simplest technique on the market.  The process is performed under local anesthesia and takes around 2 hours.  Patients are able to return home the exact same day.  An endoscopic brow lift results in less scarring and a quick recovery.  There are some mild, short–lived side-effects involved with the eyebrow lift such as itching or swelling of the brow.

During an endoscopic eyebrow lift the facial tissue that is responsible for the droopy eyebrow is removed.  The incision is made behind the hairline in order to be certain there is a minimal amount of scarring.  The eyebrow is tightened after the drooping muscle and facial tissue is removed.  An endoscopic brow lift provides patients with a vibrant and youthful appearance.  Lines and wrinkles are removed from the brow along with the patients drooping eyes have been tightened.


There’s a risk of illness or infection occurring during any surgical procedure.  However, only about 1 percent of individuals who undergo eyebrow lift surgery suffer from these types of side-effects.  If infection does occur it’s usually very short lived and mild.

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