Why Call To Action (CTA) Is Important To Increase Your Sales And Generate Revenues?

If you have already developed, designed, and optimized your online presence, and you are also done creating an SEO friendly website, the next thing or goal that you need to achieve is to increase sales and generate revenue. And in order for you to achieve that goal, it is needed that you develop effective and strong call to action.

So what is call to action (CTA)?                                                                                                

CTA or call to action is an easy way to directly interact with your online visitors and convince them to place an immediate action right after they read the content of your website or after they view your web pages. This call to action is usually written in a declarative or authoritative statement, like “click here”, “buy now”, “check it out” and others. CTAs are used in order to entice more and more website visitors to immediately react and take actions.

Having said that, it’s an essential factor, which is neglected oftentimes – with terrible consequences sometimes-, is the association of the CTA to a certain point of the sales funnel services by Result Driven SEO known as buyer’s journey.

Is Call to Action Important?

Yes! CTAs or Call to Actions are very important as this will enable you to gain more visitors. In the online world, it is very much beneficial that you have effective strategy in order to draw your audience into your website, know more about the products and services that you offer and immediately place an order. At the end of your web page content, having strong call to action will lead you into having more and more visitors, increase in sales and revenue.

How to create strong call to action? Below are easy steps to follow:

  • Know your goals and objectives. In order for you to come up with a successful and strong call to action, make sure that you know what your business goals are. You can start by asking yourself what you really want to achieve as well as your primary targets.
  • Organize it strategically. For you to attract more visitors make sure that you place your CTA in a strategic location that ensures direct visibility. The CTA should also stand on its own, ideally at the top of the web page so that it will be seen immediately.
  • It should be clear and simple. It is also important that you create achievable, simple and clear CTA so that you can have the assurance that your visitors will react and respond to it quickly.
  • CTA should be persuasive. CTA should be on its imperative tense and it should also try to communicate with the sense of urgency so that visitors will immediately react.
  • Calls to Action must be limited. You are allowed to make more than one call to action however; there is no need for you to post it in a single page. You can place primary CTA on your homepage and distribute it to other webpages.
  • The design should be emphasized. Aside from the call to action headline and text, it is also helpful if you create visual, which will immediately catch the attention of your visitors. You can make use of graphic designs and big CTA so that your message will be fully emphasized. For instance, you hired a medical website design by Online Marketing For Doctors service to boost your site’s traffic. Aside from posting blogs and case studies, it would be good if you’ll add relevant images or allow them to opt-in on your email list!

You should not also forget to try varied calls to action and compare which one works the best and effectively interact with your website visitors.


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