The Best Spots To Find Handifract Yogyakarta

Handifract Yogyakarta is an internationally renowned craft artwith fine quality and hight artistic value. Various art crafts with various materials can be found in Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta itself is a relatively small city located on the southern-central part of Java Island.In Indonesiaarchipelago state, Yogyakarta is famous as the city of art. In Yogyakarta, you can enjoy the the city of art unique atmosphere with its artistic ambience, explore various dance arts, enjoy soul-stirring music artrhythm, and appreciate various works of hand craftsmanship.

For many tourists and travelers, Yogyakarta artworks are the best item to hunt as souvenirs when you are on vacation or travel to Indonesia. Especially works of art made of silver, clay, and Batik. And when you hunt for art works in Yogyakarta, the following handifract yogyakarta places will be the best places.

  1. The Old City, Kota Gedhe

Kota Gedhe is an old city in Yogyakarta that is internationally renowned for its silver craft. Various silver crafts can be found here from ornaments, accessories, to jewelry. The quality of silver handicrafts in Kota Gedhe is excellent with a high level of silver purity. In Kota Gedhe, there are many shops selling silver crafts. You can visit this place to find the best silver handicrafts with hight value of art according to your taste. Here you can also make reservations to make unique and limited custome made silver crafts.

  1. The Village of Clay Craftsmen, Kasongan

Kasongan is a village located in Yogyakarta where its inhabitants are clay craftsmen. In this village, a variety of clay handicrafts made by hand.When you visit this village, you can buy ready made clay artworks, or make custom made clay artworks order according to your arrangement.In addition to buying clay artwork, in this village you can also enjoy the fresh countryside atmosphere and learn to make clay artwork with your own hands.

  1. The Heart of Yogyakarta, Malioboro

Malioboro is a street located in the heart of Yogyakarta. Along the Malioboro street, consists of many malls and shopping places to buy souvenirs.Here you can enjoy shopping along the way, enjoy the experience of riding a horse carriage, walking around with a rickshaw, and much more. The beauty of Malioboro street will appear and most felt at night.

  1. Traditional Batik Marketplace, Beringharjo

Beringharjo is a traditional market that sells various kinds of fabrics. The most famous products sold here are cloths with Batik paintings. Batik is an art of fabric painting using hands with certain but various patterns and color. You can buy Batik cloth here to make into clothes, ornaments, and much more.

There are still much more about handifract yogyakarta art you can explore. When you come to Yogyakarta, you will find that there will be a lot you can find about art here. There is still a lot of artwork from various materials that you can find, there are many arts that you can appreciate, and there is much art that you can feel in every breath. Make sure for your trip become memorable by deepening and collecting Yogyakarta artwork.

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