Advanced Feature In EXT JS

EXT JS is pure java script application framework which is used to design latest and attractive web applications. With this EXT JS, other technologies are also integrated like Ajax, DHTML and DOM scripting. EXT JS is mainly used for GUI control which has many form control widgets like text field and text area for input control, date picker pop up for date fields, numeric fields, radio button and checkbox control, list box and combo boxes, grid control with edit modes and sortable data, tab panels, tool bars, tree controls, desktop applications with different style menus, sliders, charts for vector graphics, region panels to allow a form which divided into multiple sections.

EXT JS many versions and each updated version has any updated feature for your web applications. If you are thinking about to get complete course program for EXT JS, then you should go for latest version of EXTJS certification course program. Java script is completely classless and prototype oriented language while EXT java script is class based approach which makes code more extensible in all aspects and increase scalability. Installation and environment setup for EXT JS does not require too much knowledge. You can install EXT JS within only 5 steps:

  • What you need in your system: web browser, web server, EXT JS 4 SDK
  • Installing browser and debugger
  • Installing web server
  • Unpacking EXT JS
  • Testing EXT JS with all library

After performing all steps in given procedure, EXT JS will start work properly in your system and you may develop web applications easily. Many candidates have queries like that why they should go for this EXT JS certification programs. Number of reasons is discussed here so that your all queries will be solved:

  • EXT JS has largest components library as compared to other web based application framework.
  • EXT JS evolved in year 2007 and till then many versions has come out for making it stable framework so that it is helpful for developers to deliver cross platform web applications through a single framework.
  • Developers will also develop mobile based apps using EXT JS with web applications.
  • Ext JS created with a clear vision which has purpose to allow developers to create attractive and unique web applications that provides complete scalability.
  • You will get complete knowledge about all libraries and tools in this course for EXT JS.

Career and job opportunities with EXT JS

Do not need worry about that you will get best and growing job opportunities after completing EXT JS certification in Houston. Even chance of getting your desired job will increase when you add a line in your resume that you have EXT JS certificate. Get enrolled for EXT JS course and you will also get chance to work with real web based applications and this will also helpful for you as work experience. There may be chance that you may get manager post as web developer when you have certificate for EXT JS. Pure JS will have advanced features and many IT companies are looking for such employees who have this certification.


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