7 useful tips for perpetual travellers

Do you know someone who travels a lot? And not just travels a lot, it becomes quite difficult for you to guess from which he country he actually belongs to? Such a person would fall in the category of the perpetual traveller. What a perpetual traveller does it he arranges his papers in such a way that the governments of all the countries wherever he goes consider him a tourist. He has access to easy money transfer to India. Some people also refer the perpetual traveller as someone “who is just passing through”. The main purpose of doing this is that the governments think that the person is a tourist, and thus he can easily escape the taxes and the other liabilities of a citizen and he can accomplish easy money transfer to India from wherever he stays.

A perpetual traveller can stay in one place for most of the time or can even change places. As he does not have any obligations towards any nation, he is not prosecuted for any of his beliefs or non-beliefs. Any individual aspires to be a perpetual traveller because he wants to evade taxes and the civic duties which come to him by the fact of being a citizen of that country.

In this article, we will discuss some useful tips for the perpetual travellers. Read this post to the end to know in detail. Let’s get started.

  1. You should go to those places where you receive the best treatment. By treatment we mean the rules and regulations of the government and the way the people there treat you. You should also consider travelling to the places where you find the freedom to carry out easy money transfer to India.
  2. We know it is not that easy to adapt to the new living standards of a new country in a short time. If you are a perpetual traveller then you should learn to listen to what others have to say when you are in their country. Many times they can be harsh to you, but you’ll have to listen and forget if you want to survive in a foreign nation.
  3. The definition of cheap in every country is different. So you cannot impose it on somebody else. Thinking that everything you want will be available at cheap prices in a foreign country is wrong on your part. Generally it is seen that the poor countries are more expensive as compared to the rich countries.
  4. You can save a lot of money if you register yourself for the frequent traveller or the frequent flyer programs. There is no harm in doing that if you already know that you would be travelling very frequently. Unnecessary wastage will be reduced and you can easy money transfer to India.
  5. Do not always think of saving money where you cannot and should not be doing that. By this we mean that you should not be obsessed with the idea of saving money in every little thing that you do. You should eat well and not compromise on such things.
  6. You should set up a base in one country. Even if you are a nomad you too may want to have a stable life. Also, you cannot carry all your stuff every time wherever you go. Therefore it is suggested that you have a base country where you can station all your unwanted stuff.
  7. Even while travelling you might be running a business and may be required to do easy money transfer to India, you can do this with the help of the transfer companies like Instarem, Western Union, etc.

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