5 tips to pack all your college essentials in a mini backpack

All of you must be carrying backpacks to the college. It is clear that we cannot carry huge bags to the college every day. You need to choose wisely what to keep in the college bags and what not to. Apart from this you also need to arrange the stuff in a proper way, so that your college bag fits in all the essential items. The bottom line of packing your bags for the college should be that you should be able to pack more stuff in less space without increasing the weight of the bags as you need to carry them from one class to the other. Putting in all the stuff will unnecessarily increase the weight of the backpack and give you an unwanted neck pain for the long-term. If you choose the items wisely you can spend a stress-free day at the college. Else you’ll be just involved in dealing with the clutter in your college bags.

Let’s take a look at the important tips to help you do the perfect backpacking for the college.

  1.    This might sound quite obvious but you should always carry a two strap shoulder backpack. The side bag is the latest trend but believe us they aren’t very good for your neck, shoulders, and the back. You should buy a comfortable backpack which can carry a medium amount of load. Also, you do not need to carry a whole big fat geometry box to the college. You are no more in school. Just put in two pens and pencils and a highlighter if you use it. These items will easily fit in the side or the front pockets and you will save lots of space.
  2.    You live on your own in the college many times away from the home in a different city. Therefore you need to carry some essential items like the hand cream, contact lenses, medicines, inhalers, etc. you can pack them all in a small transparent kit or pouch and keep that kit in your college bags. You will get to know about these essentials in the first few weeks of attending the college as you feel their need. Also, do not think of carrying a very large water bottle to the college. In any case, you won’t be able to carry the water for the whole day. So it is better to carry a medium size bottle which can be refilled whenever needed. It will easily fit in your college bags and is also not very heavy on your back.
  3.    If you need the laptop in the college make sure that you are carrying it only when needed. Do not just blindly carry the laptop every time you go to the college. It will unnecessary occupy the space in your mini backpacks.
  4.    The wallet is another essential item you should not forget to carry in your college bags. We know you cannot just carry everything but keep a small wallet which can hold your ID card apart from some amount of money.
  5.    You also need to carry the keys of the room. You might misplace it if you just dump it in the bags. You can always tie a keychain inside the bag so the keys are kept safe and secure.

Hope these 5 tips will help you pack all the college essentials in a mini backpack with ease.  

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